Sunday, January 9, 2011

8 - Celebrating Teala and 32 Years of Friendship

 She turned 52 on December 29, but some of her dearest friends gathered to celebrate her birth more than a week later. We said what we appreciate about her: able to make a difficult situation more bearable, faithful, great story teller (what she is doing right now), fun, and funny. She is telling one of her funny stories, and we laughed to tears and got dirty looks from the older couple doing crossword puzzles at Sam's Station.


  1. How beautiful--friend and story both!! What a warm atmosphere.

  2. Ah! After all these years of hearing you mention her, I always imagined a tall, freckled woman for some odd reason! Nice to have a real face with the name and so animated!

  3. She is 4' 10 1/2". I seem to attract short friends. :)