Thursday, June 30, 2011

181 - Filled

181 -  Filled by carolfoasia
181 - Filled, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
The chai and whip brims over the cup
Michelle gave me for allowing her to stay
It is a deep purple with gold and green flowers
And a star at the bottom when I sip the last drop

My life is being savored one sip at a time
I drink in His presence, better than my chai
I clutch my hands around the warm purple and gold
And sip to the gold star at the bottom of the cup.

Life is golden
Yes indeed

(My attempt at expressing what I felt this morning as I drank from this new cup from Michelle.)

180 - TWEM Reading

180 - TWEM Reading by carolfoasia
180 - TWEM Reading, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
This is really the last book in the 158 books, but I was getting bogged down in The New England Mind by Perry. So, I decided on this for vacation. It is a book about the superiority of liberal democracy over communism or socialism. It was written shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

After this, I have . . .
The New England Mind
Roll, Jordan, Roll (will have on my Kindle for our Southeast Asia Trip)
Gulag Archipelago (abridged)


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

179 - Me and Dee at Mrs. B's Tea!

Via Flickr:
I can't remember who told me about this tea room in Lebanon, but it was FANTASTIC. Dee and I spent a delightful 2 hours together at this quaint place! I forgot my camera. So, Dee let me use hers for my picture of the day today!

178 - Photo for Library Thing

Via Flickr:
This was the only picture I took today. I took this picture because I finished this book on our Idaho vacation, and Library Thing didn't have a picture of a cover of the book in their catalog. :)

177 - Idaho Team Comes Home

Via Flickr:
YAY! Michael came home after eight days. He is in the fifth window back. On a scale of 1-10, Michael gave the trip a 10!!

176 - Four on the Gorge

176 - Four on the Gorge by carolfoasia
176 - Four on the Gorge, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
On our trip home along the Columbia Gorge. This was a quick shot taken at 65 miles per hour in between some trees!

175 - Cabin Creek Trail Sawtooths

Via Flickr:
The 7 1/2 mile trail would have brought us up to some little lakes, but we ran into all this snow (in June!) and lost our trail .6 miles away from our destination. Many of us wanted to go on, and others did not. We decided to not split up and turn around. It was fun to go down on the snow!

174 - Overlooking Sun Valley, Idaho

Via Flickr:
This was our "warm up" hike right behind Debbie and Ralph's condo. It was a mile up to this beautiful view of Sun Valley on one side and Ketchum on the other!

173 - Rainbow Promise

173 - Rainbow Promise by carolfoasia
173 - Rainbow Promise, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
This was our second rainbow! The first one along Highway 20 last for about an hour! This was along Highway 75.

Debbie texted me from her car, "I was wondering why God provided us a rainbow. Was He speaking to us?"

George said, "Definitely deep, Debbie."

I said, "It is a reminder that He is with us this week!"

Debbie said, "Yes . . . I think so. He was showing us His presence."

172 - Debbie's 80's Boom Box

Via Flickr:
Seriously, Debbie still has the boom box from when were roommates, and she taught aerobics classes in Eugene in 1983! She blasted "Shining Star" by Earth, Wind, and Fire and carried this out to welcome me to her Idaho home.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

171 - Realignment

171 - Realignment by carolfoasia
171 - Realignment, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
Dr. Koen got me realined and feeling fine!

170 - Michael's Service Trip

Via Flickr:
On the way to Idaho!

170a - The Idaho Crew

170a - The Idaho Crew by carolfoasia
170a - The Idaho Crew, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
This is an "extra" to show the whole team going to the Children's Ranch

169 - Bed and Breakfast Getaway

Via Flickr:
George took me to the Hanson Country Inn in Corvallis. Right after I took this picture, my back spasmed and went out. See picture below for what resulted!

169a - The Leaning Tower of Carol

Via Flickr:
I am not leaning to the right of my own will. This is me standing up as straight as I possibly can. It was worse the day I did it, but I wanted to show you what it looked like after George working on it for one day!

168 - Visit from Singaporean Friends!

Via Flickr:
Shi-Ane was visiting her daughter, Janelle, who goes to University of Oregon. They stopped by for three wonderful hours! Shi-Ane was Lisa Stewart's (Left) first Bible Study leader at the U of O back in the 80's!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

167 - Summer Soak in Samuel and Psalms

Via Flickr:
I am going to love my Bible Book Club writing this summer!

Really yesterday was a SUPER productive day where I basically worked on the site non-stop from 7 am - 1:30 pm, took Paul to piano and went for a run, then worked from 2:30 pm until I hopped in the shower at 5:20 before our guests came at 6:00 pm. Then, I worked some after they left from 10:30 - midnight. So nice to have a long stretch of time!

I got up this morning and worked a bit from 7 am to 11:45 am. Then, I went for a prayer walk, visited with Kim at work, and now I am doing pictures.

Great focus the last two days.

166 - Wonder Worker

166 - Wonder Worker by carolfoasia
166 - Wonder Worker, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
The kids have projects to keep them busy all summer!

165 - From the Yard

165 - From the Yard by carolfoasia
165 - From the Yard, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
Flowers are blooming everywhere!

164 - Wedding Celebration

164 - Wedding Celebration by carolfoasia
164 - Wedding Celebration, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
Adam Bromley and Michele Sweeney were united in holy matrimony at the Green Villa Barn in Independence, OR right after the battery on our camera gave out. Good thing I got this lovely picture before it died! This was Heba's first American wedding!

163 - Pure Praise

163 - Pure Praise by carolfoasia
163 - Pure Praise, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
Teala invited me to her house to just listen to music and praise God. It was wonder to just soak in the presence of the Lord for the whole afternoon. This is all I saw of Teala while we were praising, and it made me smile. I had to take a picture. We hope to do this at the sorority throughout the summer. We see music and praising people. Wanna' come?

162 - Darkside Theatre

162 - Darkside Theatre by carolfoasia
162 - Darkside Theatre, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
George took me to see Jane Eyre today. I love the Darkside. It is so funky.

161 - Training and Tacos Blitz

Via Flickr:
We realized that the summer is going to be too broken up to be able to watch these throughout the summer on Monday nights. So, we watched a bunch between 5:30 - 9:10 pm. We had a taco potluck. I like these people that we do this with. It is a good group.

160 - Dead Swallow

160 - Dead Swallow by carolfoasia
160 - Dead Swallow, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
The pretty swallow didn't make it after all. We found him on the stairs. I'm sad.

159 - Celebrating Class Completion

Via Flickr:
Heba is done with her Ph.D. coursework! So, we went to Applebee's to celebrate. Then we watched a movie at my house. Congratulations Heba!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

158 - Drenched Swallow

158 - Drenched Swallow by carolfoasia
158 - Drenched Swallow, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
George spotted this on our deck railing, and he told me I would probably only get a picture through the window. I cautiously opened the door, and he didn't move. I got right up to his face with the camera, and he still didn't move. I thought he was sick, but the friends on Facebook had this discussion:

Becky Spoede Parker He may be a juvenile. They're a bit clueless sometimes.
8 hours ago · Like

Jennifer Tracy Kassebaum LOL!!!! were talking about the bird. :)
6 hours ago · Like

Carol Ann Weaver Did you think she she was talking about George Weaver?
5 hours ago · Like

Jennifer Tracy Kassebaum ‎:) Definitely not! It was the juvenile male thing...I've got a bit of experience with clueless juvenile males. And more to come, I'm sure.
4 hours ago · Like

Becky Spoede Parker Lol...
4 hours ago · Like

Te-ge Watts Bramhall LOL I think as soon as some (all?) males turn 12 or 13, they suddenly become clueless (and at the same time, their parents embarrass them, wonder if it's connected???). I have a 13 year old going through it right now. :)
2 hours ago · Unlike · 1 person

Becky Spoede Parker Perhaps "clueless" is a state all creatures pass through on their way to maturity. So, Carol, what happened with the swallow?
40 minutes ago · Like

Carol Ann Weaver I went away and looked at about 1/2 hour later, and he was gone. I'll have a picture of him in a few minutes.
25 minutes ago · Like

157 - The Last Moments of the Day

Via Flickr:
I wasn't about to make it two days in a row without a picture. I was in bed, but I couldn't fall asleep, and George wanted to sleep. So, I got out of bed and took this picture. I've never noticed the cracks in my stove buttons before this picture.

156 - Baby Shower Games

156 - Baby Shower Games by carolfoasia
156 - Baby Shower Games, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
Since yesterday was such a full day, and I didn't take a picture today. I am including a picture from the shower I attended yesterday afternoon. I loved the composition and people in this shot!

155 - Outdoor Swim

155 - Outdoor Swim by carolfoasia
155 - Outdoor Swim, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
Walked to Book Dames and back. Then, I took my first swim in the outdoor pool. Later, we went to a graduation party for Christina Law and a baby shower for Sandy Goeke. Busy day.

154 - Former Roomie

154 - Former Roomie by carolfoasia
154 - Former Roomie, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
Cherie and I met at Applebee's. Then, we sat at my house in the sun.

153 - Michael's Pastel in the Style of O'Keefe

Via Flickr:
This is his final project for Drawing 2.

152 - Bourne!

152 - Bourne! by carolfoasia
152 - Bourne!, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
This one was on TV one day during the weekend, and I really liked it. It surprised me that I would like an action movie. George could only get the last one from the library. So, I am watching them all out of order, but I enjoy them!

151 - Morning Cuppa'

151 - Morning Cuppa' by carolfoasia
151 - Morning Cuppa', a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
After a great Memorial Day weekend, it is back to the daily routine. This is a crystalline glazed mug by a local potter named Donavan. We have bought our Christmas tree from him for 12 years, but we had never purchased a piece. I love this mug and love supporting local artisans! Read about his work here:

150 - Poldark!

150 - Poldark! by carolfoasia
150 - Poldark!, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
We watched this many years ago (I think we even borrowed a TV and VCR to watch it). So, it was our Memorial Weekend guilty pleasure. It is a GREAT 70's British Period Drama. Still one of my favorites after all these years! We have the second season on hold at the library.

149 - Ant Extermination

149 - Ant Extermination by carolfoasia
149 - Ant Extermination, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
Springtime brings them out, but they are nothing like they were in Malaysia!

148 - My Mentors and Me

148 - My Mentors and Me by carolfoasia
148 - My Mentors and Me, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
Ginny and Lorraine are my heroes. I make the pilgrimage to their house one time a month.

147 - Stacy and Mohammad Match

Via Flickr:
Good-bye Barbecue for Brian Buck.

146 - Our Last Test with Marguerite

Via Flickr:
She has tested my kids since 1999. She is a gem. Here are pictures with her over the last few years:

145 - Without the Chicken

145 - Without the Chicken by carolfoasia
145 - Without the Chicken, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
Paul took this through the window. Not a very artsy shot, but think about the content of this advertisement! Paul and I thought it was odd that Wendy's would tell you it is only 350 calories without the chicken when it is a chicken salad!

144 - Oregon Iris

144 - Oregon Iris by carolfoasia
144 - Oregon Iris, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
I went for a little hike in Peavy Arboreteum with Shelly, Stacy, and Elizabeth .

143 - Heba at the Covered Bridge

Via Flickr:
Heba invited me to the International Coffee Hour. Then we went for a walk. It was her first time to the covered bridge.

142 - Comrades

142 - Comrades by carolfoasia
142 - Comrades, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
Spent a weekend with these two great people, Nathan and Jason.

141 - Dessert Planning

141 - Dessert Planning by carolfoasia
141 - Dessert Planning, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
During our weekend, George, Matt, Kathleen, and I got away for some planning for next year. It went great.

Monday, June 6, 2011

140 - Wall Hanging in Guest Room

Via Flickr:
We stayed in the Boys home for the weekend up in SW Portland. I didn't take any pictures during the day, but I snapped this right before bedtime.

139 - Into the Blue

139 - Into the Blue by carolfoasia
139 - Into the Blue, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
Busy day. I don't even remember where I took this!

138 - A Bright Day with Lisa

Via Flickr:
I made bean stew and cornbread for Lisa. We had a lovely time talking outside.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

137 - Tori the Cowgirl Grows Up

Via Flickr:
Laura and I got together, and Tori came along. Here is a link to past posts of her:

136 - Bleeding Hearts

136 - Bleeding Hearts by carolfoasia
136 - Bleeding Hearts, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
These are behind our railing. So, they were hard to capture.

135 - Special Spellings

135 - Special Spellings by carolfoasia
135 - Special Spellings, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
George and I went out for Indian food with Stacy. It was a nice time. :)