Tuesday, June 7, 2011

158 - Drenched Swallow

158 - Drenched Swallow by carolfoasia
158 - Drenched Swallow, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
George spotted this on our deck railing, and he told me I would probably only get a picture through the window. I cautiously opened the door, and he didn't move. I got right up to his face with the camera, and he still didn't move. I thought he was sick, but the friends on Facebook had this discussion:

Becky Spoede Parker He may be a juvenile. They're a bit clueless sometimes.
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Jennifer Tracy Kassebaum LOL!!!!

Oh...wait...you were talking about the bird. :)
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Carol Ann Weaver Did you think she she was talking about George Weaver?
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Jennifer Tracy Kassebaum ‎:) Definitely not! It was the juvenile male thing...I've got a bit of experience with clueless juvenile males. And more to come, I'm sure.
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Becky Spoede Parker Lol...
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Te-ge Watts Bramhall LOL I think as soon as some (all?) males turn 12 or 13, they suddenly become clueless (and at the same time, their parents embarrass them, wonder if it's connected???). I have a 13 year old going through it right now. :)
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Becky Spoede Parker Perhaps "clueless" is a state all creatures pass through on their way to maturity. So, Carol, what happened with the swallow?
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Carol Ann Weaver I went away and looked at about 1/2 hour later, and he was gone. I'll have a picture of him in a few minutes.
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