Sunday, May 15, 2011

134 - Western Tanager

134 - Western Tanager, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
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I've been trying since May 6 to get a good picture of these migrating birds. George captured it for me before I left for the coast!

133 - Suburban Senior Dessert

133 - Suburban Senior Dessert, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
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I love my church family. They put on a wonderful dessert full of wise words from Abi Penner, Katherine Simmons, Rick Herbert, Jerome Leonard, and Jamey Mills. It was a great night.

132 - Readin' on a Sunny Afternoon

131 - Driver's Permit Hoop Jump

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We are in no hurry to have our kids drive, but Paul needed this so he could get a photo ID, so he could take placement tests for college. He read the manual for a year, and I finally told him he needed to go do it by this day. He doesn't usually like his picture taken, but I think he was proud of his accomplishment. :)

130 - Prisma Color Self-Portrait

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Michael is enjoying his drawing class.

Friday, May 13, 2011

129 - Reading Technology

129 - Reading Technology, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
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I already had this in a hard copy (right), but I bought it for $1.99 on the Kindle so I could listen to it while I work in the kitchen. I put it in my windowsill behind my "FAITH" sign so it doesn't fall down.

Monday, May 9, 2011

128 - Mary's River on Mother's Day

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This is where the Mary's meets the mighty Willamette River. I took many pictures with the kids for Mother's Day, but those can go in our family album. I took a 22 mile bike ride because I have sick INSIDE for 4 1/2 days! I had sunshine and pouring down rain on this ride! Exhilirating!

127 - Fresh Smoked Pig's Ears

127 - Fresh Smoked Pig's Ears, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
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Only $1.50 at the Saturday Corvallis Farmer's Market.

126 - Dinner for Grandma Weaver

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Steak, baked potatoes, and brocolli with sparkling cider to celebrate Mother's Day weekend with George's mom!

125 - Dutch Baby

125 - Dutch Baby, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.

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Still sick, I managed to make this for dinner.

124 - Multi-Tasking Indoor Projects

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I really started getting sick on Monday, but I didn't succumb until today. I took less than a mile walk and crawled in the door. I had grand plans for active things, but I settled on indoor projects: getting through Deuteronomy on the Bible Book Club, checking out Summer Driver's Ed for Paul, and writing a recommendation letter for Mara.

123 - Tea with Kim

123 - Tea with Kim, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
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Had a sweet two hours with Kim at Coffee Culture. Gotta' grab that time together when we can!

122 - The Death of Osama

122 - The Death of Osama, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
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Shelly, Sandy, and I went for a walk around the block after the barbeque last night and walked into news of Osama's death. I watched quiet a bit of news today as a result. I liked this picture of the TV as the rubble of the twin towers blended in with his image.

121 - Me and Sophie

121 - Me and Sophie, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

120 - Weaver Waffling

120 - Weaver Waffling, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
. . . because he often does (George told me to write that because he doesn't always make quick decisions).

We had our first free Saturday in a long time. So, George made waffles for the men (I don't like them), and we all sat and gabbed.