Monday, September 26, 2011

269 - Litte By Little Gets the Book Done

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I am on page 194 out of 495 of my 157th of 158 books in the Well-Educated Mind Book List (see HERE:

I looked at it longingly all day as I worked on other things. I noticed it matched my Chai Tea cup today. Hopefully I'll get to it later tonight. (by the way, my water bottle leaked all over it last week).

268 - Art Imitating Life at Walk a Mile Performance

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From left to right: Tim, Spencer, Aaron, and Tim.

Spencer portrayed Larry and Aaron portrayed Tim in an original play called Walk a Mile: Stories of Newberg. It was a moving account exploring true local stories of seven people from this wonderful town (I know because my husband grew up there!). Larry and Tim sat in front of us and were going to slip out right after the performance, but I begged them to wait so they could meet Spencer and Aaron! Didn't have any time to set this picture up. It was a quick snap so Aaron and Spencer could get back to the "Talkback" section after the play.

By the way, Spencer is the person who drew us to the play. We have known him since he was two days old, and we have seen him in many plays. What a fabulous actor (and wonderful man) he has become!

267 - Seventeen Hour Labor of Love

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I had no intention of spending all of Saturday from 6 a.m. until 11 p.m. studying, meditating, praying, and writing for the Bible Book Club, but what can I say? I am a Bible nerd. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Saturday. :) I only have to write 23 posts between now and the end of the year now!

Friday, September 23, 2011

266 - Morning Pilates

266 - Morning Pilates by carolfoasia
266 - Morning Pilates, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
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This was right before my 14th class (I was too chicken to do it during the class). I have a great system down. I do my Couch to 10K walk/jog from 7 - 8 am , and then I go directly to this 8:15 am class (with Jessica who is the BEST Pilates instructor I have ever had) so that all the kinks from the run are taken out and GONE! What a winning combination. I haven't had any back pain for almost six weeks. :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

265 - Destination Graduation

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Paul spent three mornings this week in college orientation, and he really enjoyed it. I enjoyed having the walks and visiting with a lovely lady in the library. I have a very good impression of this college. I think he will do just fine there, and I love that Lebanon High School picks up the tap for tuition and books!!!!

264 - Couch to 10K Training

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I finished Week 3 on this 1 mile wood chip trail that goes around the Linn-Benton Community College campus. The morning was absolutely gorgeous, and I like the setting of this little campus. I am also LOVING running again! Pilates has made it possible for me to run without my back becoming destabilized. I had a 57 minute run 1:30/walk 3:30. Then, I walked for another half hour. What a great morning!

263 - Relaxing with Wives and Daughters

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Since we had such a full weekend, and I had so much follow up to do on Sunday night and Monday as a result, I purposed to rest ALL Tuesday afternoon. So, I laid in bed and listened to Wives and Daughters for about five hours until I finished! (We are discussing it in Book Dames on October 1).

What a great book that ended very abruptly because the author died before she finished it. I liked this audio version because the narrator speculates the end based on the author's notes. Didn't notice how dirty my iPod was until I saw this.

262a - Chinese Cute

262a - Chinese Cute by carolfoasia
262a - Chinese Cute, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
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This cute boy at the Furniture Giveaway was a close second in the picture of the day contest!

262 - International Furniture Giveaway

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I love the intensity on the face of this man who has worked at the International Furniture Giveaway for years. He helps coordinate all the trucks taking the things they received (sheets, small appliances, plates, cups, silverware, beds, and furniture) to their respective homes. It is a stressful job as people have to wait a LONG time for a truck.

It is a fun time getting to know and help guests from other lands!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

261 - Wow Weekend

261 - Wow Weekend by carolfoasia
261 - Wow Weekend, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
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These are some pretty great people. Just sayin'.

259 - Beach Ninjas

259 - Beach Ninjas by carolfoasia
259 - Beach Ninjas, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
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Looked like a fun game!

258 - Emerging from the Pacific

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Oh to be young and brave. Swimming in the Pacific Northwest in September. :)

257 - Game Play

257 - Game Play by carolfoasia
257 - Game Play, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
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Went to Toledo, Oregon for some great time of learning about gifts and personality and having fun!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

256 - Mozzarella and Bulgar Eightball Squash

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Kim took me out for a late birthday lunch at Gathering Together Farms. We split this yummy meal.

255 - Healthy Dinner

255 - Healthy Dinner by carolfoasia
255 - Healthy Dinner, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
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Olive oil, basil, veggies, and leftover steak. YUM!

254 - September 11 Memorial

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The tenth anniversary was heart-wrenching.

253 - Noticing the Ordinary

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This test was probably eight years ago, but we have never cleaned the white board, and it sits in my sons' room as a momento of homeschooling days gone by.

252 - Love Mark Twain

252 - Love Mark Twain by carolfoasia
252 - Love Mark Twain, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
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I didn't take a picture today, but I took this yesterday when I went to the Benton Country Historical Museum with Jean and LeAnne yesterday. This quote cracks me up.

Friday, September 9, 2011

251 - Caprese Salad

251 - Caprese Salad by carolfoasia
251 - Caprese Salad, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
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Went out for a four hour lunch with Jean and LeAnne at Gathering Together Farms. Jean knows all the fancy Italian words for things. I never knew what a caprese salad was before today. I loved the colors and the taste!

250 - Ann and Andy's Happy Family

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Went to visit the Kinkade's today. The kids' grandmother made these for them! She even painted the faces.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

249 - Getting Through "POPs" (Put Off Projects)

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Marci took Michael's Senior Pictures on April 9 (see link to Day 99), and we finally got around to selecting the 20 out of 39 we needed for her to process. It didn't take that long. Why did I procrastinate? Today has been my day for getting through many of my POPS ! YAY!

248 - Prayer Preparation

248 - Prayer Preparation by carolfoasia
248 - Prayer Preparation, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
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Teala and I have been doing Days of Prayer 2-3 times a year at her sororities for about 15 years now. Our "for sures" are usually on Labor Day weekend to prepare for the new school year and New Year's Eve or Day to prepare for the new calendar year.

It was a great day.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Saturday, September 3, 2011

246 - Sing a Song of Gladness

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Wrote about Psalm 8 today on Bible Book Club, and it made me think of this wonderful poem from a book I used to read to Beth and Becky Rustenbach in Spain. I used to sing these during my devotional times there. Warm memory.

245 - Couch to 10k App!

245 - Couch to 10k App! by carolfoasia
245 - Couch to 10k App!, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
This is the first time I have ever done a screenshot. I had to look up how to do it, but it was a great learning experience.I used this APP today while I ran. I love that the voice tells you when to run and when to walk, and your music player is at the bottom so you don't have to fiddled back and forth between apps!

I know it isn't a picture, technically. What is funny is that I biked all the way downtown with my camera on my back, sat in the gorgeous Riverfront Park for hours talking to Elizabeth and Beth, and never took a picture. Wasted weight! LOL!

244 - Dial a Book by Bus!

244 - Dial a Book by Bus! by carolfoasia
244 - Dial a Book by Bus!, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
I don't think the boys were as excited as me about doing Dial a Book this way, but they were great about it! We took the #4 bus just one block from our house, and it dropped us off right across the street from the library.We got the book bags and flowers and waited about fifteen minutes for the #4 to take us back along the same route that goes right by the Timberhill Place Assisted-Living Facility (yellow building behind the black car).Then, we crossed the street and took it back to the library to drop off the bags of books they have already read. We used to have to go to multiple places throughout the city. So delivery by bus would have been impossible, but now they are all in one place! We took the #7 back so we didn't have to wait as long for the #4. I realized on route, it went by the place we usually eat at for lunch (used to be a big motivator when they were 7 & 9 when we started doing it) during Dial a Book (something the boys were willing to forgo to see my dream of bus travel realized). So, we hopped off and walked there and ate inside for the first time! Then, we walked home (from where we got off the bus it was only one mile).

Doing the happy dance!

243 - Dream Come True

243 - Dream Come True by carolfoasia
243 - Dream Come True, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
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Paul didn't have piano so we had the flexibility to deliver books and flowers today by bus! It is free now. It takes a little longer, but it was something I have always wanted to do! (I have two from this day since I took no pictures on Thursday)

242 - Prayer Send Off

242 - Prayer Send Off by carolfoasia
242 - Prayer Send Off, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
We have a group going to build homes for earthquake victims. One of the guys (toward the center in black next to the dark haired guy in the light blue shirt) is going and staying for a year. The rest are only gone two weeks. It was a precious time. See Sophie in the foreground? She is in another 365 picture here:

Her dad and big brother are going on the two week trip!