Friday, September 23, 2011

266 - Morning Pilates

266 - Morning Pilates by carolfoasia
266 - Morning Pilates, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
This was right before my 14th class (I was too chicken to do it during the class). I have a great system down. I do my Couch to 10K walk/jog from 7 - 8 am , and then I go directly to this 8:15 am class (with Jessica who is the BEST Pilates instructor I have ever had) so that all the kinks from the run are taken out and GONE! What a winning combination. I haven't had any back pain for almost six weeks. :)

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  1. So happy for you to have found this and to have a great teacher! Pilates was the best thing I ever did for my back. (I have been taking semi-private Pilates reformer classes for almost 2 years now.)