Wednesday, March 30, 2011

86 - Focused

86 - Focused, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
Via Flickr:
After early church, 20 mile bike ride and 30 minute walk, I worked on Bible Book Club stuff until midnight!I

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

84 - Quality Time with Grandpa in the Library

Loved this down the aisle shot of a this man reading a book to his grandson. As I was writing this, I zoomed in, and I think this is our friend, Virgil Gosser!

83 - Good Bye Wi-Ne-Ma!

83 - Good Bye Wi-Ne-Ma!, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
Our second night was spent right on the ocean at Wi-Ne-Ma Camp. What a beautiful spot, but the wind was incredible!

82 - Motor Home Monopoly

82 - Motor Home Monopoly, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
Game One, won by George, ended at 10 pm. Game Two, won by me, lasted until 12:30 am! Paul said, "I don't care if I won. I am just so happy to play!"

81 - Yaquina Estuary Nature Trail

We drove over to Newport in the motor home, went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium (with two free tickets given to us!), walked this trail, situated ourselves at South Beach State Park, walked to Flashbacks for All-American Burgers and shakes, and walked to the beach for a sunset. It was a special family day.

By the way, we were the last people to walk on this nature trail. Erosion has eaten away at the trail, and the lawyers made them shut it down. The guy was putting up the barrier told us we could walk on it since he wasn't finished yet!

80 - Our Temporary Home

80 - Our Temporary Home, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
We borrowed Aunt Dot and Uncle Earl's motor home for a little trip to the coast.

Monday, March 21, 2011

79 - Sylvia Beach Hotel in the Morning

I have stayed on every floor of this wonderful hotel. We didn't stay there this time, but it was a five minute walk from where we were staying.

78 - Male Bonding

78 - Male Bonding, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.

77 - Servant Leadership

77 - Servant Leadership, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
We had a foot washing time in the spirit of John 13 with the leaders of our church. It was beautiful.

76 - Scones

76 - Scones, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
Made 48 for the leaders retreat.

75 - Russell Rejected

75 - Russell Rejected, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
This happened last week, but I forgot to document it. I was so happy when Russell was ejected from the game of Survivor.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

74 - A Panda Head for Jen!

74 - A Panda Head for Jen!, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
Jennifer and I laughed hysterically tonight as we had fun with George's webcam that has all sorts of special effects. :) It took us a while to get a panda head for her, but we got it and had to document it for the picture of the day!!! Just noticed our profile reflections in the computer screen too. Cool!

73 - Reading and Rest Day

73 - Reading and Rest Day, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
Mondays are my "day off." I try to just rest and read to prepare for the busy week ahead.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

72 - Tabernacle Study

72 - The Tabernacle Study, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
I'm writing about the completion of the tabernacle today in Exodus 39. So, I pulled out this live model I made with the kids a few years ago to put a picture in the Blog post. I pulled the four layers of fabric off so you could see inside the Holy of Holies.

71 - 20-Miler in the Rain, in the Can, and on my Face!

I went out for my longest distance when there was a lull in the rain. The middle part was the 12 mile course of the Beaver Freezer. It started pouring on Oak Creek near the farthest point. The jacket kept me dry but the pants were soaked and water was gushing into my new shoes. George said I must have been happy because there was dirt in my teeth! It cannot be worse than this on the day of the Beaver Freezer (April 2). So, I should be just fine.

Here is a close-up of my face:

70 - Hawk in Flight

70 - Hawk in Flight, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
Denise spotted this hawk while we were talking on top of Bald Hill. This would have been the better day for my 20 mile bike ride!

69 - New Running Shoes

69 - New Running Shoes, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
They even match my new shorts. I went to Five Star Sports and got fitted for the right shoe. I cannot believe the difference! They have degrees or are getting degrees in athletic training and sports medicine. So, they know how to find the right shoe. Since I am flat-footed, one leg is longer than the other, and my hips are turned in, it was really nice to have their expert advise. I used to go to them when I ran back in the 80's. I used to wear Brooks back then, and I am in Brooks again! By the way, these shoes are 6/10th of a pound lighter than my other shoes!

68 - New Tri-Shorts

68 - New Tri-Shorts, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
This is what you do when it is 10:15, and you realize that you haven't taken a picture of the day! I love these new shorts that go from the swim, to the pool, to the run! They are so comfy!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

67 - Run at HP's Stewart Lake

67 - Run at HP's Stewart Lake, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
More training for the triathlon. I like to run on this wood chip trail at Hewlett Packard where George used to work. We don't go there as much as we used to, and I love it. Only a two minute drive from the house.

66 - Backyard Refuge

66 - Backyard Refuge, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
I have a picture of this chair in the same spot covered in snow on February 24th. Today it was 60 degrees so I had my morning prayer time and cuppa' outside.

65 - An Amazing Play

65 - An Amazing Play, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
This was the US premiere of this play written by a Saudi Arabian woman and put on by the Saudi Student Association. It was excellent. Here is a link to a picture of one of the scenes since I couldn't take a picture during the play:

64 - In-Between Tea with Kim

64 - In-Between Tea with Kim, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
Quality time with one of my closest friends. We try to go out for tea on our birthdays and halfway in between.

63 - Incense Rising

63 - Incense Rising, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
I wrote about the incense in the tabernacle today for Bible Book Club and decided to have a prayer time while burning frankincense and myrrh that a neighbor gave me several years ago. The FAITH sign is by the same person who did the signs in the background of yesterday's picture.

62 - Jamocha Jo's with Teala

62 - Jamocha Jo's with Teala, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
Four glorious hours for some serious girl time with my buddy.

61 - My Super Duper Water Boiler!

My New Super Duper 4L Water Boiler! We have so many people over for hot beverages that it was time to get one of these. I use it all the time! By the way, the underside of the lid was the smile from yesterday

60 - A Smile in the Ordinary

60 - A Smile in the Ordinary, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
Michael called out today, "Hey Mom. Look at this." It was a smile in one of my new small kitchen appliances. Tune in tomorrow to see what it is!

Any guesses?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

59 - Laid Up

59 - Laid Up, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
- Suffering from or affected with an illness: down, ill, sick, unwell.

Woke up with a cold. Then, I felt a back spasm coming on (maybe caused by yesterday's 15 mile ride in freezing temps, doing the leg curl at a higher weight, or not stretching and taking a shower after my bike ride home from the weights). George came home and massaged out the opposing muscle that was pulling the muscle that was spasming and set me on the massage table (a must for those with back issues IMHO) for a moist pad heating.

This is using my self-timer from below the massage table! It did the trick, and I walked away without my back going out!