Sunday, March 13, 2011

72 - Tabernacle Study

72 - The Tabernacle Study, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
I'm writing about the completion of the tabernacle today in Exodus 39. So, I pulled out this live model I made with the kids a few years ago to put a picture in the Blog post. I pulled the four layers of fabric off so you could see inside the Holy of Holies.


  1. I LOVE THIS! In my class about the Pentateuch all those years ago, I was assigned to do an oral report about the Tabernacle. I bought a book and shared the images from it with the class. How awesome would it have been to build one! This is gorgeous. The little lambs about to be slain sorta break my heart, but otherwise, awesome job!

  2. That is extremely cool. I did Beth Moore's study about the tabernacle ("A Woman's Heart: God's Dwelling Place") years ago, and I would love to do the new version of it. My jaw would hit the floor practically every day with the amazing insight into the new covenant brought about by the study of the old.

    Are you writing on a blog, or for something else?

  3. I agree, Tracy. It really completes one's knowledge to study the old to better understand the new--and I had the same experience when I took a course that went through the entire Bible. Carol--What a cool model and a fun shot!

  4. Hi Tracy, I write a Bible Book Club blog that goes through the Bible in three years. This is my second time through. It automatically posts on my Facebook page too. The blog is: