Monday, September 26, 2011

268 - Art Imitating Life at Walk a Mile Performance

Via Flickr:
From left to right: Tim, Spencer, Aaron, and Tim.

Spencer portrayed Larry and Aaron portrayed Tim in an original play called Walk a Mile: Stories of Newberg. It was a moving account exploring true local stories of seven people from this wonderful town (I know because my husband grew up there!). Larry and Tim sat in front of us and were going to slip out right after the performance, but I begged them to wait so they could meet Spencer and Aaron! Didn't have any time to set this picture up. It was a quick snap so Aaron and Spencer could get back to the "Talkback" section after the play.

By the way, Spencer is the person who drew us to the play. We have known him since he was two days old, and we have seen him in many plays. What a fabulous actor (and wonderful man) he has become!

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