Friday, January 14, 2011

13 - February 2, 1968, Day 3 of the Tet Offensive, Vietnam

George's dad was one of the surgeons during the Tet Offensive, and this is his journal during non-stop surgeries. He was working on transcribing the journal into his computer while I was working on a memory page about my parents in my photo book. We were both lost in time, long ago. It was sweet. 


  1. Indeed--how wonderful! My uncle wrote me (and many other family members) long letters from Viet Nam where he also was a physician with the Navy. I still have every letter. We hope to convince him to write his stories some day--but he doesn't like those memories very much...

  2. Beautiful! Good for you remembering to take a picture. I would love to see a photo of it in his hands.

  3. This is fascinating and a very interesting picture!

    I want to share a blog post with you from my sister-in-law (Dave's wife) about what was going on with her family during the Tet Offensive
    She links to a post about what was going on in Malaysia too.

  4. Sadly, we can't see a picture of it in his hands because he passed away in August. That is why my husband has the book now. He also found letters that his dad and mom wrote back and forth while he was in Viet Nam. Very insightful.

    I'll look Sara at the website. I wonder why it didn't hyperlink it!