Monday, February 14, 2011

44 - Lost Finale on NetFlix

44 - Lost Finale on NetFlix, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
We had never seen this before. So, we watched Seasons 1-5 on library DVD's that we ran through ClearPlay, but the last season was a four month wait at the library. So, we signed up for a one month free trial on Netflix so we could finish and end our suspense (Closure!!! :) We haven't watched an episodic drama since Upstairs, Downstairs! My guess from the very beginning about the situation was correct!


  1. Carol, I loved Lost, although my love was tested through that poorly-written last season. Sometime you will have to explain the ending to me. I think I must have stayed up past my bedtime to watch it. Jack ends up in heaven, right?!

  2. I would love to talk about it! We should go off line in case people haven't watched it yet. I was really careful not to read anything online and asked my friends who had all watched it to not tell me the ending. You can contact me in my inbox at Facebook or my email at! Let's talk.

    I used to walk with a friend who would cancel everything to watched Lost on Wednesdays, but I never understood the fascination. It really hooked me in. I had some extra time during Christmas vacation and took the plunge and was HOOKED! It helped to ClearPlay it though. Some parts were too racy for my convictions, and it took all that stuff out!!!

  3. I don't know if it is only the last season I haven't seen, or the last two. One of these days...

  4. Devoted LOST fan, here, too. But the finale was a bit of a disappointment for me.