Wednesday, December 28, 2011

356 - Christmas High Tea with Michelle D.

Via Flickr:
Last year, I took Michelle to a Christmas tea in Albany. She is moving back to California, and I asked if she would grace me with her presence one last time by joining me in another Christmas tea at Lisa's in Philomath. I had never been to their tea, and I think it is my favorite of the Lebanon, Albany, Philomath, and Portland Christmas teas I have partaken of over the last few years.

Michelle and I talked for three hours! I am really going to miss her!

The tea also included: Peppermint Ice Cream (for a starter), Spinach, pomegranate, walnut, blueberry salad with a raspberry viniagrette dressing, Butternut squash soup, and four different kinds of sweets after the course above! I have pictures of all of that too. :)

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