Saturday, April 30, 2011

105 - Garmin GPS Gadget

105 - Garmin GPS Gadget, originally uploaded by carolfoasia.
If Lisa Cowden sees this she will say, "Oh there is Carol with another gadget." She calls me the "gadget girl." I wanted to have an easy way to track my runs and bikes mile and pace-wise. It also keeps track of my heart rate so I will slow down when my heart rate gets too high while running. I have to train in my zone if I am going to become a better runner.


  1. This looks really fun! Wish I could be a runner (can't: I don't have the "right" feet for it) cuz I love these types of measurements as well. Is it waterproof? Maybe a gadget like this could be used when I'm paddling (Kayaking) if it measures heart rate.
    By the way, do you ever do HIIT in your training--if so, you will WANT your heart rate up for short periods.

  2. I do interval training for running once a week. I did it with a trainer yesterday, and she killed me. 4 x 200's with walking in between. She wants me to do them at the beginning of my week. Love intervals on my bike too, and that is easy because I have to slow down and speed up all along the way when I got through town. I also am doing a little "Fartlek" (because I am Swedish. LOL!). I find that even more fun.

    You can do it for Kayaking. It has an "other" sport function that will tell you how long you have gone because of the GPS on it.

    There is a waterproof model, but the reviews weren't at good, and for some weird reason, I have a lower than usual heart rate when I swim. So, I don't worry too much about it when I am in the water (just got back from a 1000 yard swim, ahh).

    Actually, running is the only time I really have to watch it on my BPM's. My body problems inhibit my running so much that I have to work a lot harder to move forward. :(

    Do you Kayak alot? I have only done it once in the ocean, and I loved it! I kayaked around the bay in Catalina Island. We want to get a couple of inflatables for when we go to Kauai next year. I hear it is really fun doing it there!

  3. I have a 9 foot kayak (34# so I can handle it myself) that I use on the lakes. Once I am done with school, I will aim to get out a couple times a week. You definitely get damp just from water dripping down the paddle and splashing onto your head (which usually feels great on those hot days). My first kayaking was done in Mexico and I loved it too!

    Re: the HR when you swim--would it make sense that it would be lower because the heart does not have to pump as hard as when you are upright? (Less gravity involved.) I'm not sure about that one--would have to look it up in my Exercise Physiology book.