Monday, August 29, 2011

226 - Value of a Tree

226 - Value of a Tree by carolfoasia
226 - Value of a Tree, a photo by carolfoasia on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
Our neighbors behind us bugged us for almost six year to cut down our big sequoia because they come from a place that doesn't value trees like Oregonians do. We were in Seattle when it came down (so I wouldn't cry), but then our next door neighbors had to cut down their two pine trees because the sequoia was stabilizing them. So, I captures a bit of that process. Now, our neighbors behind us have a yard devoid of shade, and we all have less privacy. I don't get it, but I'm glad we don't get yelled at by the lady behind us anymore.

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  1. That's one thing about Atlanta--no one can just decide to cut down a tree. It has to be declared dead or terminally ill or an immediate danger (by a professional), and you have to display your permit during the process or you WILL get reported.